In 2006 a number of people from around the Archdiocese got together to talk about the future of the Church here in Canada, especially in relationship to its administration. What came out of their conversations was an alternative way in which the Administration of the Archdiocese could be supported.

Church administration isn’t necessarily a hot button topic that generates wide spread interest. But providing a level of financial stability for it can bring about greater blessings in its work of manifesting the Lord’s life saving victory.

In the same way that the faithful have an opportunity to financially contribute in the support of their home parishes, there is now an opportunity to directly contribute to the work of the Church through a financial commitment to the St. Tikhon Archdiocesan Stewards program (STAS). And by this continue the work of the Saints known and unknown who laboured in this land.

STAS is a tangible way to directly support the work of the Church in addressing its current and more importantly its future needs, whether it be the Episcopacy, Missions, Education, and Seminary funding…

STAS has the possibility, to positively affect our Archdiocese: an Archdiocese with real needs, and with the potential of real solutions, through your support.

For this we ask that you consider your participation in supporting the witness of the Church in this country. Please contribute what you can, with joy and thanksgiving.

Dr. John Hadjinicolaou, Priest Andrew Applegate.

Coordinators of STAS.