The STAS Committee

The STAS committee facilitates the financial support of the administration of the Archdiocese of Canada, through communicating, mobilizing, and promoting the participation the faithful members of this diocese.

The committee is made up of Archdiocesan Executive committee (ADEC):

  • His Grace Bishop Irenee, (Ruling Bishop)
  • ArchPriest Anitoli Melnick (Chancellor)
  • Priest Justin Mitchell (Treasurer)
  • Dn. Nicolas Svetlovsky (Recording Secretary)
  • Dr. John Hadjinicolaou (Eastern Canada STAS Coordinator)
  • Priest Andrew Applegate (Western Canada & administrative STAS Coordinator)


The St. Tikhon Archdiocesan Steward’s program is managed by the Archdiocesan Executive Committee (ADEC), with the Archdiocesan Treasurer with help from the STAS administrative coordinator assuming the responsibilities of the STAS account, and related responsibilities such as:

  • Budgets
  • Tax receipts
  • Account disbursements
  • Financial reports

The STAS coordinators appointed by the Archdiocesan council (ADC). They act as the:

  • Spokespersons for STAS
  • Liaisons to the ADC
  • Coordinators for the promotion, communication of STAS objectives
  • Membership records and recruitment
  • Recruiters for STAS personal
  • Managing the monthly contributions from the STAS members.

In addition to these responsibilities, the STAS President would work and direct the day to day operations, with Western and Eastern STAS representatives, chosen by the ADEC (the Western and Eastern STAS representative does not necessary have to be members of the Archdiocesan council). The three becoming in-essence an Operations unit.

The Operations unit would be responsible for the update of any media (website, newsletters, the Messenger etc), communication with the Archdiocese as a whole, and STAS membership. As well this unit would be responsible for the coordination and presentation of STAS, working with other STAS members, and parish rectors in the further promotion of STAS. They would also maintain a data-base, monitoring contributions (with the assistance of the treasurer) and membership.

The Operations unit would also propose an annual schedule of tasks (pending approved by the ADEC). Specifically, this would include letters of renewal issued, receipts mailings, newsletter dates, etc.

The ADEC, and or the Archdiocesan Council can act to terminate any STAS representative at the time of a review.